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Is It Time to Transition To Another Hospitality Job

The headhunters may be knocking at your door, but that doesn’t mean it is a good time to move to a new job. One good way to determine whether the hospitality industry is looking for what you have to offer is to work with a recruitment firm. Moving too soon, or waiting too long can be the ‘coffin nail’ for most managers.

Moving too soon can add ‘red flags’ to your resume. Moving in the middle of a project, or after 2 + years of no ‘big’ achievements can leave your resume saying more about your weaknesses than your strengths.

Waiting too long can also damage your career potential. Maybe you are on a roll at your current restaurant. Several projects have generated unprecedented successes. Employee turnover and sick days are at an all-time low. The owners and board of directors love you. Job security seems set for at least the next decade.

What can seem like a good thing may become a long term liability. Job stability and generating profits for the owners always looks good on a resume, but will it last? How much growth is left in your current restaurant or hotel? Turning around a failing restaurant is a fantastic thing to add to a resume, but when the work is done your glowing resume will start lagging for years of ‘stagnation.’

Everyone wants to hire the manager who turned around a restaurant that has seen steady growth for several months, or a couple years. No one wants to hire the manager whose last big success was 10 years ago.

Take the Restaurant Owner’s Temperature

Take a look at how the owners are treating you. Have the perks and bonuses stopped? Did the pay raises stop? Did the gifts dwindled from season tickets to an invite to the owner’s BBQ on a long weekend.

Is the owner still hungry and willing to take risks? The factors determining whether you need to transition to a new job may be out of your control. Even if the owner is comfortable and doesn’t want to take risks, so the projects stop, it will reflect badly on your resume as time goes on.

Do You Want to Move?

Maybe the owner installed a pool in your yard and your children love their school. At this time you really do not want to uproot your family, unless the right job comes along. If so, now is the time to contact a hospitality recruitment firm. Your resume will never look better.

Hospitality recruitment firms have jobs listed that are not public. They are discrete and will work hard not to jeopardize your current job. Another option is to hire a career coach to help keep your resume strong. They can help you pitch small project that your boss is more likely to approve. Or, start projects that will have no budget, but measurable gains. This may be as simple as letting the employees create their own Employee Handbook, create a structure for covering the schedule on sick days, or maybe even planting flowers outside the main doors.

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Why should you try out an online resume maker?

When you are applying to get into a new job, you would get the need to create a resume. If you can make it look interesting, you will be able to increase your chances of getting into the job that you aim at. In other words, you will be able to impress the recruitment manager and make sure that you stand ahead of other candidates, who have applied for the same position.

Plenty of methods are available for you to create an impressive resume. If you want to stay away from frustration, you must get hold of an online resume marker. It would automate the process of creating your own resume. As a result, you will get the opportunity to stay away from a great deal of frustration. In other words, you don’t need to look for CV templates online, select the best one out of them and start editing. The online CV maker would do that task and you just need to enter your information. As a result, you will be able to end up creating your own resume within a short period of time.

The process of making a CV is extremely easy with the assistance of an online tool. You just need to follow a couple of steps and you will end up creating your own resume. First of all, you will be asked to enter the details, which you need to be included in the resume. You will be provided with the ability to customize the information that you add as well. Once you add all the details, you will be asked to select a preferred template. You don’t have to edit any of the templates and you just need to select a template out of the options that are provided to you. When you pick a template, the CV maker would automatically create the template and you don’t need to do anything. As a result, you just need to go ahead and download the resume that the online cv/resume maker has created.

People who use an online resume maker will be able to experience a variety of benefits in the long run. The availability of many different layout options holds a prominent place out of them. You just need to get hold of a layout, which is suitable for the position and company that you are applying. There is something for everyone in an online resume maker.

Even though the online tool is creating your resume, you have complete control over what you create. You can give all your inputs and the tool would provide an excellent assistance when building the website. The user friendly interface of the website would never lead you towards any frustration. As a result, you will get the opportunity to save a considerable amount of time as well. The finalized CV can be downloaded in PDF format and you can directly send it to all the companies that you are applying to win a job that you prefer.

Thinking of moving abroad

Moving Overseas? The Expat’s Life isn’t All Sex, Beach Bars and Bungalows

Thinking of moving abroad? For the expat, the attraction of beautiful girls, white sand beaches and azure seas is inviting. But, you need to prepare properly for your new life.

Most people forget about the realities of getting their financial affairs sorted, moving their cash, pensions and insurance overseas.

There are many good reasons for planning ahead and organising your finances in another country when you’ve got the liberty to travel. You may get pleasure from a lifestyle that may be out of reach in the UK and leave chilly winters behind, your medical care may be significantly cheaper, and maybe you can rekindle that sense of adventure you lost when you put your life on hold to raise a family. However, many people find that in the event that they sell their family home, they have a chunk of money that, together with a UK state pension and presumably an occupational or private pension scheme, they can stay very comfortably in locations all around the world.

Moving services

How to decide which moving solutions are right for you

People have various motives to transfer or re-locate. Locating chances, such reasons that are many more and not comfortable with the encircling are behind the move of several families as well as offices.

Local moving organizations offer solutions to transport our loads within nearby cities and townships. Such businesses are preferred for long distance moves etc. They are also known to offer packing, storage and various other services in the event that you need.

What are the different types of moving support?

Packing is an act of putting things into containers, generally for storage and transportation which is also known as a material for shielding the item that is packed. The area movers use tissue-paper for sensitive items and they do not pack fragile items with items that are heavy. The town movers comes to your house and carefully pack all your property so that you can concentrate on more essential things like work your household, and relocating. Meanwhile, full-service movers provide everything needed to professionally and safely pack your property and do all the task for you personally.

There are several types of cartons for various objects and order for best moving boxes along with packing paper and packing tape and also you could pick from an extensive range of other moving necessities, wardrobe boxes and corrugated cartons which makes it possible that you pack, store and organize. Keep your items that are delicate in china carton so that it would be safe and put your pictures in a picture box for the security of your wonderful and priceless graphics.

Moving the business to other location is a tough task so prefer for an expert movers who provide the successful commercial move support. The folks who do this support are called as office movers and files, equipment and records transfer from one place to other place.

It’s possible for you to hire the moving company transport to load, and unload your possessions. It is important to select your mover carefully. You need to only work with moving companies that are licensed and insured. To avert mistakes about price, make sure to tell the moving company exactly which services you would like and what kind of items they’re going to be moving.

Top 3 resume tricks 2015 you should know

Why you need some good resume tricks 2015

Getting a job in 2015 is far from easy in today’s world. Many jobs are fiercely fought over by dozens or even hundreds of applicants and if you want to get an interview your resume really will need to make you stand out. Most of the time a recruiter is only going to spend a few seconds scanning your resume to see if you meet their requirements; if they cannot quickly see that you meet their needs without having to dig into your resume you are going to have your resume discarded. By following some simple resume tricks you can ensure that your resume will get you noticed.

Tailor your resume 2015 to the job

resumeMany job hunters just use the same resume over and over for their applications without any thought as to if it actually reflects what the recruiter is looking for. If you want to get noticed it is vital that your resume clearly shows that you meet their specific requirements. To do this simply:

  • Review the advert to identify the specific experiences and skills they are looking for
  • Look at their websites and other information to see their aims and what they value in an employee
  • Match your skills and experiences to their specific requirements
  • Put what they are looking for at the start of each section of your resume so that they are seen first

Format your resume 2015 carefully

Your resume format 2015 needs to clearly show the recruiter what they are looking for quickly if you are going to be invited to interview. Your resume only has to show what the recruiter needs to see, it should not be a fully detailed life and work history after all they want something to talk about at your interview. So your resume should not be any more than 2 pages in length and should be clear and easy to read. There are many different formats that you can download and use but in general you will need to:

  • Use white space to draw the recruiters eye to the right information; so ensure that the start of each section is clear
  • Put the most important of your skills, qualifications and experience that they are looking for at the start of each relevant section so that they see these first without having to search for them
  • Use an easy to read 12pt font; never use flowery or colored scripts
  • Do not use any form of dividers or decorations within your resume
  • Minimize formatting; bold your section headings only
  • Use examples to demonstrate skills
  • Quantify your achievements where possible

Proofread your resume well

You can follow all of the different resume tricks that people promote but if your resume contains spelling mistakes or grammatical errors it can seriously harm your chances of getting an interview. Not having spent the time to eliminate these forms of errors says to the recruiter that your application is not serious and that you have not taken sufficient time and care over your application. Always proofread your resume and if possible have it proofread by a third party also to ensure that nothing is missed.

Use a resume writing service

Finding a new job is far from easy so if you really want to improve your chances of being selected for an interview you can follow our simple resume tricks or you can use professional resume writing services. They can provide you with an outstanding resume that is going to get you noticed through using highly qualified and very experienced resume writers.

Job Advice For New Graduates

Finishing your college studies and obtaining a degree is really a cause for celebration. After years of sleepless nights trying to fulfill requirements, endless days of doing research and lots of memorization, finally, you are now a proud holder of a college diploma! After you’ve settled down from the celebrations, it’s time to take stock of what your next steps would be. It’s time to consider some job advice for new graduates that could help you know what direction to take to have the best career.

Job search is always a challenge, not just for new graduates but also for those who have been working for years. You need to remember that when you start filling out job applications and distributing your resume, you could be competing with people who may be more skilled and more experienced to handle the job you are vying for.


Improve Your Resume

If you are a fresh graduate and have not had any working experience in the past, you could highlight other strengths in your resume that could make you a good candidate for the position. Mention some of the extra-curricular activities you have actively participated on while at studying. If you have been a President of any club you belonged to, write it down as well. Any opportunity you’ve had while in school to show your leadership potentials are markers that your future employer could be interested in.
Were you the school newspaper editor, or at least one of its writers? Were you chosen to represent your school in a competition? Did you participate in any social or cultural activity while in college that could be a good sign that you could be a good team player? These are some of items that you could include in your resume to make your future employer aware of your positive traits and potentials.

Be Prepared For The Interview

The interview is an important aspect of your job search. Before you show up for your interview, do your research on the company to know about its business interests and corporate culture. Come on time for the interview and wear business attire. Remember that first impressions last, so you would want to project a confident, professional image.

Expand Your Network

People seeking for employment these days have to utilize the Internet to make their search easier. Create an account on social networks like LinkedIn where you could post your resume. You could also post your resumes on career search sites. If you are a member of any organization, spread the word around that you are job hunting. Explore many opportunities when you could let others know your strengths and potentials.

Great Places To Work

Chessington Garden Centre

Back in 1949 a little lad on a pushbike started a small gardening enterprise that has today become a succesful and well know garden centre used by thousands in and around Carshalton. Today it is run by Alex and Ruth who carry on the legacy by offering fantastic service as well as top quality plants and equipment for gardening. Upon entering Chessington Garden Centre you will find a comfortable and calm environment as well as a huge stock of everything you need for the garden.

Here at Chessington Garden Centre we’re always on the lookout for passionate and motivated people to join our team. As a family business for over 40 years our team remains the key to driving the business forward, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and helpful staff who aim to offer continuous high levels of customer service. From highly trained plants people to aquatic specialists we aim to make sure any question is answered by just the right person.

Lane Personnel Ltd

The independent job agency Lane Personnel Ltd provides a first class service using its highly experienced consultants to find emp-0loyers the perfect candidates to take there business even further. Using the latest teschnology paired with years of recruitment experience the guys at Lane Personnel can take care of all stages of the recruitment process from start to finish leaving you free to contentrate on the business.

Clients and candidates registering with us will find a professional, friendly and enthusiastic service that exceeds expectations. Whether your needs are permanent or temporary we are pleased to help. Due to our growing reputation, we have been able to provide services throughout the UK. Lane Personnel is dedicated to supplying the most effective and efficient service possible and have recently created a unique matching database to help our highly experienced consultants place the right candidate in the right job.

How to prepare for a job interview

1. Show up in the wrong clothing

If you want to guarantee that you won’t be hired, make sure to show up dressed unprofessionally, since first impressions really are everything. Those impossible-to-walk-in six-inch stilettos may be a good option. Have lots of tattoos? Make sure to show them by wearing a sleeveless shirt. Just dyed your hair a funky color? Do NOT touch up the roots. These are surefire ways to have your prospective employer hoping the interview will end early.

2. Show up unprepared

If you made it past the first impression, a good way to ensure you won’t make it to the question part of the interview is to show up unprepared. That hard copy of your resume they asked you for? Your cat ate it or your printer was busted that day. That pen you need to take notes? Make sure it’s running out of ink, so they can see you struggling to scratch your notes like hieroglyphics onto the paper. The addresses of your past employees and email addresses of your references? Say they all moved or got fired, and you haven’t heard from them in years.

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