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True Social Impact: 3D Animation Series Teaches Kids How To Save The Earth

True Social Impact: 3D Animation Series Teaches Kids How To Save The Earth

We recently celebrated Earth Day with many obligatory nods to how the world can recycle, upcycle, compost, and repurpose all kinds of materials, plants, and objects. We heard collective voices around the planet heed warnings such as, “Live more sustainably to save the Earth.” Calls for a more eco-conscious world are necessary and Earth Day is a key time to reaffirm these actions and beliefs.

However, how do we keep these messages alive and at the forefront the other 364 days of the year, especially with our most impressionable and precious audience – our children?

A new 3D animation series called Planet Blue is taking on this bold challenge by using fun-loving characters and exciting educational adventures to inspire children and future generations to save the planet. But this is no ordinary cartoon. Take a look at Planet Blue’s gorgeous animation in the series trailer below:

The production team behind Planet Blue, Arrow Sky Media & Magnetic Dreams, has an impressive number of 31 Emmy Awards combined. And with the 3D animation market estimated to be worth $40.78 Billion by 2019, this is truly a win-win project for everyone involved. Currently, the talented team is developing 12-episodes featuring characters such as the loveable, button-nosed Planet Blue, a beautiful and inquisitive Sunny Sun, and a team of Earth-loving kids from around the world. In the first season of Planet Blue, everyone works together to understand different environmental problems, such as deforestation, and come up with actual solutions.

Direct mail in a nutshell

Direct mail (also known as advertising mail) is often used in direct marketing and its main recipients are usually existing customers of the company. In order for direct mail to be successful, some basic conditions need to be met.  An important element in this form of advertising is the current database of company customers as well as certain issues related to the very act of direct mail delivery. These factors include: offer’s appeal, aesthetics and attractiveness of the materials delivered to the recipient by postal mail.

Direct mail is used primarily for selling specific products. It is often used also to stay in touch with the customer and keep them aware of new products introduced on the market by the advertiser.

The appeal of direct mail depends on many factors, starting from the envelope itself. It is the envelope that will determine whether or not the recipient chooses to read the materials addressed to them. Unfortunately, disregarding the envelope is a common mistake that leads to both envelope and its content landing in the trash unopened. A chic and intriguing envelope significantly increases the chance of the recipient looking inside of it and reading the materials.

When it comes to direct mail, advertising letter also plays a crucial role and its content must be carefully planned out. To a certain extent, this letter replaces the seller. Its personal nature, skillful use of colloquial language and aesthetics are the key to success. The letter may be long, although it is recommended it doesn’t exceed four pages. It is worth taking care of the letter’s legibility and proper choice of the font.

Apart from the letter, the envelope should contain a brochure with the product or service you are advertising, as well as an order form that the customer should fill out and send back to the company in case they are interested. To make the order more plausible to take place, a return envelope becomes an essential element in direct mail marketing.


Period Tracker

Introducing Period Tracker App: A Feature-Loaded iOS App that is Laser Focused On Helping Women Track Their Reproductive Health

Featuring a Period Diary, Ovulation Calculator and Calendar to BBT Charts and more, Period Tracker App, a first-of-its kind iOS app for women, is choc-a-bloc with features.

Period Tracker App, a reproductive health app that helps women track their menstrual and fertility cycles on their iPhones and iPads is now available at the App Store for free

According to Yale University School of Medicine’s online anonymous survey of 1,000 women (ages 18-40), about 50% of reproductive-age women had never discussed their reproductive health with a medical provider and about 30% visited their reproductive health provider less than once a year or never.

5 Website Management Secrets Web Managers Wish Were Unknown

Some people have felt screwed over by a not-so-talented web designer, which may cause that person to not want to try finding another one to work with. Often, you’re spending a decent chunk of change for something you’ve got a beautiful vision of, and unfortunately, what you get may not live up to those dreams. I’ve seen this first hand and buyer’s regret is definitely there.

When you’re a small business owner, you may be even more nervous to hand over money to a website manager. To help soothe your mind and know a few secrets that some developers don’t want you to know, we’ve got a little list here.

  1. Website Updates Never Takes More Than Half An Hour

When you’ve got a professional web manager or website management team working on your site, it should be done flawlessly. Assuming it is, 90% of any extra updates needed will be a breeze. New pages with new info and other content won’t take very long at all.

That leaves 10% of things that actually will take some time. For those of you paying by the hour, you can do certain things that will keep things less expensive for you.

  • Prepare several updates in advance. For example, if you want to promote weekly sales, then try to have all of them planned before or at the beginning of each month. This way you can have your web manager prepare the updates and have them preset to start when they’re supposed to. What may have been a 4 hour bill should be a one hour bill each month.
  • If you can find a web manager that’ll charge per every half hour, even better. Some charge exclusively per hourly rates, so if you take up 15 minutes of their time, you pay for an hour. But if they charge for 30 minutes instead, it’s going to be cheaper.

Woodburning Stoves: An Environment-Friendly Source of Energy for your daily chores

With the increasing inclination towards the Green Revolution, all the material goods are now getting transformed into environment-friendly alternatives of the previously used goods. This revolution has also revamped the heating system of our houses into something we know as Woodburning Stoves. These stoves are now being frequently installed into all the houses constructed according to the modern architecture and prove to be far more fuel-efficient than the centrally planned heating systems we used to have at our places before.

Education through Technology

Technology & the internet are powerful tools. They have changed the world around us and now they are changing the way students in India, the world 2nd most populous country with 1.2Bn people, are going to study.

As I mentioned earlier, India has 1.2 Bn people. That’s more people than the entirety of North America. Yet, top tier education institutes in India remain scarce. There are only a select few top tier colleges comparable to the ones present in the western world.

These colleges are have put up massive barriers of entry to filter out the millions of people who apply. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have lower selection ratios than Harvard and Stanford.

To prepare students for the entrance exams held by these colleges, an entire industry has popped up in India. This industry remains particularly unique to India. I’m talking about the coaching institute industry, valued at around 24Bn USD by an Indian industry body.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of coaching institutes in India preparing students for all sorts of exams- IIT JEE, AIPMT, CAT, Bank PO, UPSC, GMAT, GRE, etc. However, due to the high number of coaching institutes, students are often hit with a paralysis of choice. Too many options to select the best coaching institute.

Logo Maker

When deciding upon the selection on logo maker software or a professional logo creation, you will first have to make an analysis. If you choose to use an online tool, here is a good comparison between logo maker online tools:  free logo maker comparison.

 Consider all the following factors involving those two and then choose what you think is best. If you have knowledge in logo design and creation, logo maker software will the best option since it is more cost effective. Although when hiring a professional logo designer will provide you a good logo in a matter of time compared to logo maker software that will take a lot of your time in developing and learning what’s the best design for the company’s logo, it is still best consider your analysis.

Importance of your Logo

The logo is the symbol of the company that highlights their standards and working efficiency. Having a good designed logo is essential to provide a good impression for the customers’ prospective because it carries the whole identity of the company or corporation. It can make them feel like the company is reliable, professional and able to provide a high quality and right services.

Marketers and businessman knows the importance of a good designed logo. The logo must carry a unique and perfect representation of the company’s value and services. It helps the growing of the business company therefore it must have a distinct identity for the service establishment.

Start Your Website with Bluehost

Every single human being has a purpose in his life, a purpose that is going to be the highlight of our lives when we are going to accomplish it. For most humans the one and only thing that can change their lives is money, with enough money we can free ourselves from the everyday routine that society has put us in rotation until the day that we die.

How can you change the present and stop being the regular guy that goes to work every day and on the weekends gets dunk with his friends and is repeating that all over again until he gets old. We are now in a time period where virtually is slowly becoming reality and for the first time in history a normal human being can change the course and become wealthy overnight.


Use the chance that is given to us and don’t wait any more time start your website about the thing that you adore and start making money of it. The whole idea of this post is to motivate you to start using your brain that can do all kinds of things for you and one of those things is making money.

How can you start your website?

Starting a website is quite easy especially now when all its atomized all you just to do is to put your idea together, make an awesome design and there you go. It is quite difficult to find a solid Hosting company these days especially when everyone is trying to take advantage of you, but there is still hope there is a company that can give you what you need and even more than just what you need, Bluehost is the perfect choice for beginners and professional who are demanding a quality hosting.

What makes Bluehost different for the others?

There are a lot of factors why you should chose Bluehost instead of the other hosting companies, but we will just show you the simple thing that make Bluehost so much more quality hosting form the other hosting companies. What makes a good hosting? For me the answer to that is: to have a fast uptime, to allow me to have access to unlimited domains, to have a easy to use control panel, and a price with is discount coupon for every hosting plan. It may seem weird to you, but Bluehost offer all of thins above mentioned things in every hosting plan and when it comes to coupons Bluehost has an incredible program that gives discount coupon up to 50% off the full price.

Where can you find Bluehost discount coupons?

There are a lot of affiliate mangers that promote the discount coupon, but there is a website that offers every kind of Bluehost discount coupon including the Bluehost Coupon Codes: 50% off Discount if you are looking the right coupon for your hosting plan then is the right place to find it. There are also some coupon codes that can be of great help for you’re to save a little bit of money and still have a hosting for a long time.

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