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History of Digital Marketing

When you hear the word digital marketing what comes to your mind?

In this article, we will simplify it for you.

The Digital Marketing Institute, they define it as, The use of digital channels which are used to promote or market products and services to targeted consumers as well as businesses.” Another common definition is Digital Marketing is the promoting of services and products over the internet via any form of electronic media.

The word Digital Marketing was initially used between the early and late 1990s. The digital age took off with the birth of the internet and the evolution of the Web 1.0 platform. Essentially, the Web 1.0 platform enabled users to discover the information they needed, but it also didn’t permit them to share this information with the web interface. Prior to that time, marketers globally were still not sure about the digital platform. They were also unsure if their proposed strategies would work since the internet had not yet been used widely by as it is today around the world.

Interesting facts about U.S. presidents

The US Presidential election heat is at its peak. This year’s election is full of surprises, but if you take a look at the history of America, you would realize that it’s nothing new. In fact, almost all the Presidential elections that were held in United States delivered surprises for the entire world. Here is a list of such surprises that people experienced in the past.

It has been identified that four candidates in the history of Presidential elections have won with popular vote, but lost the election. Andrew Jackson, Samuel Tilden, Grover Cleveland and Al Gore are those four candidates. John F. Kennedy was the youngest person to become the president of United States. In fact, he was just 43 when he won the election and got into the list of U.S. presidents. A person should be at least 35 years of age in order to become the President and John F. Kennedy was the closest person to that margin. A president in United States can only hold the position for two terms. In the history, 12 Presidents have got the opportunity to be elected for two terms.


The Presidents in United States have had different body shapes and characteristics. They had their own unique preferences as well. Abraham Lincoln is considered as the tallest President of United States. He was 6’4” high and weighed over 170 lbs. On the other hand, James Madison is the shortest President, who was just 5’4” high. He had a small body shape as well and weighed just 98lbs. There was a President in United States, who never got married. James Buchnan was that person. President Ronald Regan is the only one got elected divorcee. The mother of Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to vote for him during the Presidential election. In fact, he was the first ever President where the mother was able to vote.

It has been identified that six U.S. presidents never had any children. Those Presidents are Hardin, Buchnan, Polk, Jackson, Madison and Washington. On the other hand, three Presidents became widowers while they were in offices. Wilson, Harrison and Tyler are those three Presidents. The President John Tyler holds the record for having the most number of children among the lineup of U.S. presidents. He had 15 children, where 7 were girls and 8 were boys.

Fourth of July is considered as the day where America got independence. Unfortunately, three Presidents have lost their lives on the same day. They include James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Eight Presidents were unfortunate to lose their lives at the office as well. Those Presidents are William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, John F. Kennedy and William McKinley. As you can see, the history of U.S. presidents has always been full of surprises. You can expect a lot more in the future as well.

American gangsters from the 1920s and 1930s

Gangsters have been living in United States from the early 1800s. They have created a tremendous impact on the American culture as well. The production of movies such as “Godfather” can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. Here is a list of the most popular gangsters that lived in United States back in 1920s and 1930s.

  1. Pretty Boy Floyd – Pretty Boy Floyd is one of the most popular and terrifying gangsters who lived in United States during the 1920s. He was born back in 1904 and was raised in the dust fields of his father. When Pretty Boy Floyd turned 21, he started his criminal activities through a bank robbery. The frustration and bitterness that Pretty Boy Floyd had to face when living a low class life forced him to become a gangster. Later he met few other local gangsters in Kansas City. They provided him with a nickname called “Pretty Boy”, but he didn’t like it at all. Even though Pretty Boy Floyd was a gangster, he was able to maintain a positive reputation among general public. As a result, he was also called as the “Robin Hood of Cookson Hills”. Pretty Boy Floyd was finally killed by a group of FBI agents and local officers.
  2. Legs Diamond – Legs Diamond was born and raised in the streets of Philadelphia back in 1896. He was a prominent gangster who lives in United States during 1920s and 1930s as well. Legs Diamond worked for the United States Army during the World War 1. However, he became a powerful figure in Underworld by 1927. He got into a conflict with Dutch Schultz, who was another prominent gangster by that time.
  3. Al Capone – Al Capone was the first person to feature the cover page of the Times Magazine as a gangster in Chicago. He had a scar on his left cheek and was also known as “Scar Face”. He was gifted with an excellent mind and he used it for numerous criminal activities. In fact, he became a prominent underworld figure with the help of his brilliant mind.
  4. Machine Gun Kelly – Machine Gun Kelly was a famous gangster and a bootlegger who lived in 1930s. He was born in 1897 and became popular as a harmless gangster. However, he remained as a harmless gangster, until he got married to Kathryn Thorne. In fact, she encouraged Machine Gun Kelly to commit crimes and rob banks. She even convinced him to kidnap a millionaire called Urschel. He got caught to police in 1933 and was sentenced to life.
  5. Bonnie and Clyde – These are the most wanted criminals back in United States. In fact, the police officers called them as public enemies. That’s because they killed a large number of police officers as well as innocent civilians. Since they kept on killing police officers, officers decided to use a stronger firepower in order to kill them.Check here infographic …


A Brief History Of The Most Iconic Girl Characters

Animated characters have come and gone through out the years. What’s even more rare is the presence of girl characters that hold long term popularity among fans. There has only been four that have stood the test of time. Hello Kitty, Barbie, Minnie Mouse and Betty Boop have proved their selves as great characters that will never be fully forgotten no matter how unpopular they become.

Where do I start when talking about Hello Kitty history, it can be wild and she has so much. I will provide real simple factual history, not going to go into unspecific details or rumours of her being evil (Don’t believe everything you read online). Hello Kitty is a humble cat character created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu of Japan. She wanted to create a character for Japan that girls adored. She would originally call this character “Kitty White” but later on change her name to Hello Kitty when Sanrio bought Hello Kitty from her in 1976. “Kitty White” would become her full name but not the name she is known as. Hello Kitty first appeared on a vinyl coin purse. Quickly popularity grew for this character in Japan and she introduced to USA and UK in 1976. In the 1980’s she would be brought over to other places around the world including Europe and different parts of Asia. The character has now been found on many items and is a figure that many young and older women look up to. Her merchandise has sold amazingly well, especially towards young girls.


Barbie is the most successful girl doll ever. I don’t think there are too many girls in the world that don’t know who Barbie is. The first Barbie doll was introduced in 1959. Appearing in only two styles blonde or brunette. Created by Ruth Handler who was inspired to create a more realistic mature looking doll for the time. Barbie had an explosive appearance. Selling over 350,000 dolls it her first year out on the market. Barbie was the first toy that used in TV advertisements extensively. In the 1960’s more new Barbie models would be made and shipped out. To this day girls are buying up Barbies. It is said that three Barbies are sold every second around the world. Barbie has sold over a Billions dolls in the last 60 or so years.

Minnie Mouse is the oldest character, created by Ub Iwerks in 1928. She was first featured in the Disney Cartoon  “Cantina Argentina” as a dancing barmaid in 1928. Nameless for a long while, Minerva Mouse became her full name in 1942 (No one ever refers her to that name though). In most cartoons they colored her in red even though they were seen in black and white. Later on in in the 1940’s her and mickey mouse were redesigned. Which was very welcomed because Minnie looked more cute and started appearing with the iconic polka dot dresses on. To this day new cartoons are coming out featuring Minnie Mouse. Girls still love her buying clothing and stuffed animals of her.

Good old beautiful Betty Boop. Although she is not nearly as popular as others, and most girls now and days dont know who she is. She has survived long enough to earn her spot. Betty Boop first appeared in 1930 cartoon Dizzy Dishes, created by Max Fleischer. She was finalized and became a very well known character by 1932. There was a large uproar against Betty Boop in the 1930’s. People said she was being used as a sex symbol and she did not need to be in children’s cartoons. It was the depression days when Betty Boop came out and a lot of people think her character reflects that. Care free attitude with a lot of fire. In the late 1930’s Betty Boop toned down a bit became more conservative to please parents. Betty Boop would later make TV appearances in the 1950’s and 1980’s. Too this day she is a character you hear about and see on peoples t-shirts. Similar to Hello Kitty she is a character that many girls love. Especially older woman that remember her well.

Abandoned Gold Mines

goldprospectingmineAbandoned gold mines have claimed more than 50 lives a year across the world (reported cases) and in the United States alone the death toll from disused mines average between 20 – 30 individuals.

Abandoned gold mines are without any doubt some of the most dangerous places to be in and to make matters worse, gold or silver mines are mostly on privately owned land and as a result these individuals would be committing a crime when they enter mines which voids any insurance that they have. Most of these untoward incidences can be easily prevented if these intruders paid attention to the warning signs that are placed around these former precious metal mines.

Some of these fatalities are also attributed to poor signage and the lack of property owners of securing these dangerous places that arouses the curiosity of most who like a little bit of adventure.  Despite the efforts of governments and private corporations who have stepped up safety protocols the accident ratios are still status quo. The problem with these places and why they become as hazardous as they become is due to the weakened structure of these gold, silver or copper mines.

Left un attended for long periods of time the structures rot (most of them are wooden beams) and the continuous pressure of the years weaken the so much that a misplaced ‘tap’ or knock on the these structures cause them to crumble and trap or kill those who are below them. Gold mines are unintentional booby traps that are anything, but a safe place to be in, especially abandoned gold mines. Weakened structures of these precious metal mines are not the only hazard that they have to offer uninvited visitors because other
dangers also await them.

These dangers may even include poison gas as well as water hazards. Disused gold and silver mines sometimes have cavities where poison gas such as carbon dioxide and methane collect and remain for long periods of time and these poisonous gases are scentless and thus most who are breathing them do not even realize that they are  inhaling these deadly gasses until it is far too late. Carbon Dioxide and methane cause muscles not to respond and may cause erratic behavior rendering the exposed individual unable to think logically and exit the mine.

Disused mines may also have pockets that contain very cold water that may be as deep as 20 meters. The reason for the water being there is that most precious metal mines extend further than the underground water levels and the mines are kept dry by pumps and when the pumps are disengaged the water starts seeping into the mines and form deep dark cold pools.

Regardless of how fascinating an abandoned gold mine may be, just remember that they are potential death traps. Each year many miners meet their makers in active mines that are managed and if they are able to collapse, imagine a mine that has not been maintained – do the math! Keep out of abandoned precious metal mines.

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The Development of the corset and its many shapes and forms

Thankfully we don’t have to wear corsets in everyday life any more, if we do decide to wear one it is normally for a romantic occasion or for a hen party. Corsets today tend to fit our bodies and are made of comfortable and kind material using modern support methods. Women rarely pass out wearing corsets today and generally they are worn for pleasure rather than for punishment.

Early Corsets

In medieval times it was extremely important that a woman looked fit and healthy and had the correct figure for child bearing. Therefore the desired figure in the middle Ages was of pert breasts, fashionably curved belly and generous hips. Ladies also developed their own form of corsets made of thick fabric and stiffened with paste; these fastened with lace at the sides and probably didn’t contain a significant amount of whalebone. These proto type corsets probably acted as an early form of figure control rather than figure shaping.

A Brief History of the Bra from the 1890’s to the present day

These days the bra is taken for granted as a piece of lingerie by ladies all over the world. Originally the ladies supported their breasts by bounding them with material restricting the movement of their chests. Now the bra represents much more than underwear and comes in many different shapes and forms. We are used to companies such as Wiesman Lingerie producing the finest bras with the most wonderful material.

Split Corset

The earliest version of a bra was in the 1890’s where the bra originated as a simple split corset, a number of female designers developed the design further and by the 1930’s bras were available for all. As new fabrics developed the bra became increasingly more comfortable and supportive. The brassiere elevated the bust line to be an increasingly prominent erogenous zone.

Medieval swords

Medieval swords are swords which were used during the middle ages. These medieval swords are quite different from the swords that were used in Iron Age. If you find such swords for sale, then you can pick them up after checking out the sharpness of the blade, weight of the handle, length of the blade, thickness of blade, the material used to make the sword and so on.


The swords for sale can be selected based on price and quality. The medieval swords like the long sword, broad sword, falchion sword and scimitar are quite popular. The bladesmiths who have made the blades with high precision and techniques will place the swords on sale. The battle ready swords or daggers of the medieval period may be replicated by well trained people. Each and every aspect of the medieval period sword will be incorporated in these replicated swords. When you are buying the swords for sale, you have to check whether the parts of the replicated medieval swords, such as the pommel or tang are in good condition.

Who Was Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stuart Cheese, may be the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours but his partner’s love of Tutankhamun was what got him into the business in the first place. Let us see how much he has picked up from her and see how much can be understood about the young king, Known to the world for his stunning death mask.

Well who Tutankhamun is, is still one of the biggest enigmas of all times. According to an inscription found at the temple of Soleb on a red granite lion, Amenhotep III is supposedly his father. This seems unlikely however, as Akhenaten, Tut’s predecessor reigned for roughly 16 years and Tutankhamun was approximately 9 years old when he became king.

It is believed by some that Amenhotep III is more likely to be his grandfather and that Akhenaten was his father.

This however brings up another question as Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s chief wife, was always depicted in the paintings to be accompanied by daughters and never a son.

Another Look At Indians Native Americans Amerindians

Early Indian Languages of the USA

Early Indian Languages of the USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Native Americans are often cast in the role of victims of White aggression and unbridled avarice-driven or gratuitous violence, especially in the territories known collectively today as the United States. But the first massacre was perpetrated by Indians in the British colony Jamestown, in Virginia in 1622. They slaughtered 347 white men, women and children on that occasion.

Europeans are also accused of importing pathogens, disease causing agents, such as smallpox and measles, malaria and yellow fever. Indigenous people had no immunological resistance to these illnesses as they were never exposed to them.

But recent findings by a team of anthropologists, economists and paleopathologists who have completed a massive study of the health of people living in the Western Hemisphere in the last 7,000 years – suggest that Native American’s health was severely run down long before the Europeans delivered the coup de grace.

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