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How Predators Find Your Child

Kids are learning to use technology at younger and younger ages and are sometimes more tech savvy than their parents. Often this is a great tool for education, especially in a homeschool setting where there may not be as many hands-on resources but it can also be a dangerous avenue for predators to seek out victims.

Predators use a variety of methods to find and lure kids and teenagers into providing details of their lives, schedules, and locations. Children are generally unaware of the dangers of telling an online “friend” about their soccer practice or school name but predators can use that information to narrow down your child’s location to either simply watch them or something more nefarious. Parents need to spend time talking to their children about information that should never be revealed online, without exception. For instance, children should not use their full name as a screen name on any online game or website, even those aimed at children and seemingly innocent such as the Webkins website. Obviously kids shouldn’t send their address but predators can use information such as school or practice locations to gain access to a child as well so parents have to be monitoring and communicating to make sure all potential location information is protected. This is easier said than done, however.

Social media provides predators easy access to that location information even though parents are often unaware that they are providing it. While children can be taught to use social media carefully without revealing locations or posting information about vacations, schedules, etc, parent must take extra care that they are not unintentionally revealing information that can lead a predator to their child.

For instance, allowing Facebook to determine location information on photos tells a potential predator exactly where you and your child are as well as the interests of your child. That information is invaluable to an adult who wants to make a connection with a child and gain their trust. If parents feel strongly about posting photos of their children on Facebook, they need to be sure to check their Privacy settings to ensure that only “Friends” can view their profile AND photographs. If both settings are not set correctly, predators may not be able to view your profile but they will have access to photographs and can gather location information from Facebook or from the photographs themselves. Instagram has similar privacy settings so parents need to be sure to check out their options on all of their social media accounts before posting any photographs or location information.

A child or teenager’s social media access should be monitored closely to ensure that children are not unintentionally providing information a predator can use to lure the child into agreeing to meet a “friend” that they have not met in person before. Kids should not accept requests or messages from anyone they have not met or do not already know and should alert parents if they continue to receive unsolicited messages from a person they do not know. Children and teenagers don’t often realize that predators exist and therefore don’t see the risk incurred by posting sexualized photos, location information, or personal and relationship issues that a predator can use to target the child.

Frequent communication about internet safety, a nightly check of all social media accounts, and regularly visiting Privacy settings on all computers, tablets, phones, and all online accounts will go a long way towards keeping a child safe. Internet use is almost unavoidable but the right precautions can help keep your children safe from online predators.

Too tired of your regular leather jackets

Too tired of your regular leather jackets? Well than biker leather jackets and bomber leather jackets have been introduced in the market keeping you people in mind. But let us warn you beforehand, the attention will be too much to handle. And we are not even exaggerating. Biker leather jackets and bomber leather jackets have this effect on people. There is no quicker way of getting in the limelight than owing biker/bomber apparel.


Women bomber leather jackets are the new best thing a woman can own. A woman may grow tired of her fancy Michael Kors bag, or her Tiffany ring or her Marc Jacobs wrist watch, but women can never grow tired of her bomber leather jacket. Its class and swag is beyond infinity as compared to a mainstream handbag or a ring or a wrist watch.

Who wouldn’t want a flawlessly tailored, 100 % pure lamb’s skin jacket, with the touch as soft as butter. The hoods of these jackets are handmade by our faultless craftsmen. These hoods can be attached or detached as per the wish of the owner of the jacket. The multiple pockets in women’s bomber leather jackets not only look good but also give space to a lot of things. Who says style and convenience cannot go together?

The Testament of a Young Philanthropist – MMBF Trust

Matthew C. Martino started his career serving burgers in local McDonalds. Then this British lad ventured into the film industry to achieve commendable success as an executive and producer. From his exploits of the film industry, the youth showed an exemplary philanthropic display which invited appreciation from all corners. In 2013, he initiated an MMBF Trust which is actually an international charity body created to support actors and filmmakers with £50k endowment. Later another signature enterprise scheme MM Enterprise Award was launched in 2015 on the eve of his 23rd birthday.


Till date, the philanthropist through his MMBF fund has given away about 297 scholarships and grants through various partners to world wide creatives and artists to help them kick start their career. The trust is forecasted to distribute away about 1,000 scholarships and grants at their current momentum rate. The find also has two mini charitable initiatives, the MM Enterprise Award and the Matthew Martino Innovators Fund under its umbrella. The first supports the youth’s business aspirations while the second seek to support artists and creatives exclusively within UK.

Recently, this dynamic and young philanthropist has pledged his entire earnings and royalty to charity. Truly, the MMBF is the testament of this young philanthropist.

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based international charity that supports filmmakers, actors and individuals studying or working in performing arts worldwide through training grants and scholarships, funding for first time filmmakers and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies. We also support aviation students and aspiring pilots with support towards their fees costs, training material and medical costs.


My Web Agent Reveals Top 5 Easy SEO Tricks For Start-ups

Those who are running small e-Commerce business or online ventures can’t afford to spend much on internet marketing tools. Here, we are talking about the start-ups who have fixed amount of money to spend on promotions and campaigns. For all those who can’t spare big sum of money for marketing and promotion of their services online, they should focus on one of the best internet marketing tools called SEO services. My Web Agent, a leading SEO company in Melbourne, brings result-proven SEO tips that will help all start-ups and small companies to get best results without burning a hole in their budget. So let’s find out top 5 SEO tricks that will help you to reach larger online audience and pull up traffic.


  • Target local audience by making local places pages: All small businesses and start-ups should focus on local surrounding and create a local business page for all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can be done simply by filling up your business details including location, contact numbers, hours of operation etc. Once you give all relevant details, you will be ready with an account of your own.
  • Categorize & Optimize your page: It is very essential and an easy task to optimize your pages. Optimize your local pages with good quality of your business pictures, details and services. Further to this, categorize your business aptly as it will give you the right online audience. Make sure to choose categories and keywords wisely.
  • Put apt business citations: Make sure that the information filled by you should be accurate and your contact details must be consistent. If you find other business by the same name then you can claim a citation. Just verify that you are the actual owner of the business by email, phone number etc.
  • Put focus on online reviews: Reviews are very important nowadays. People choose companies and services through good reviews. Hence, make sure to add reviews and ratings for your business in order to increase your rankings.
  • Add Pictures to your content and pages: Always remember that viewers love to see good pictures and videos about your business. Though content is the king but customers want pictures to better understand your business and services. So don’t forget to upload over 5-10 pictures that tell about your business to target audience. Make sure to add real pictures of your office, building, services and products.

So, these are the simple SEO tips that won’t cost much and bring very good results for your online venture. For more SEO services, internet marketing tips and web design services, visit My Web Agent, a leading SEO services provider in Melbourne.

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