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Period Tracker

Introducing Period Tracker App: A Feature-Loaded iOS App that is Laser Focused On Helping Women Track Their Reproductive Health

Featuring a Period Diary, Ovulation Calculator and Calendar to BBT Charts and more, Period Tracker App, a first-of-its kind iOS app for women, is choc-a-bloc with features.

Period Tracker App, a reproductive health app that helps women track their menstrual and fertility cycles on their iPhones and iPads is now available at the App Store for free

According to Yale University School of Medicine’s online anonymous survey of 1,000 women (ages 18-40), about 50% of reproductive-age women had never discussed their reproductive health with a medical provider and about 30% visited their reproductive health provider less than once a year or never.

5 Website Management Secrets Web Managers Wish Were Unknown

Some people have felt screwed over by a not-so-talented web designer, which may cause that person to not want to try finding another one to work with. Often, you’re spending a decent chunk of change for something you’ve got a beautiful vision of, and unfortunately, what you get may not live up to those dreams. I’ve seen this first hand and buyer’s regret is definitely there.

When you’re a small business owner, you may be even more nervous to hand over money to a website manager. To help soothe your mind and know a few secrets that some developers don’t want you to know, we’ve got a little list here.

  1. Website Updates Never Takes More Than Half An Hour

When you’ve got a professional web manager or website management team working on your site, it should be done flawlessly. Assuming it is, 90% of any extra updates needed will be a breeze. New pages with new info and other content won’t take very long at all.

That leaves 10% of things that actually will take some time. For those of you paying by the hour, you can do certain things that will keep things less expensive for you.

  • Prepare several updates in advance. For example, if you want to promote weekly sales, then try to have all of them planned before or at the beginning of each month. This way you can have your web manager prepare the updates and have them preset to start when they’re supposed to. What may have been a 4 hour bill should be a one hour bill each month.
  • If you can find a web manager that’ll charge per every half hour, even better. Some charge exclusively per hourly rates, so if you take up 15 minutes of their time, you pay for an hour. But if they charge for 30 minutes instead, it’s going to be cheaper.
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