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Great Places To Work

Chessington Garden Centre

Back in 1949 a little lad on a pushbike started a small gardening enterprise that has today become a succesful and well know garden centre used by thousands in and around Carshalton. Today it is run by Alex and Ruth who carry on the legacy by offering fantastic service as well as top quality plants and equipment for gardening. Upon entering Chessington Garden Centre you will find a comfortable and calm environment as well as a huge stock of everything you need for the garden.

Here at Chessington Garden Centre we’re always on the lookout for passionate and motivated people to join our team. As a family business for over 40 years our team remains the key to driving the business forward, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and helpful staff who aim to offer continuous high levels of customer service. From highly trained plants people to aquatic specialists we aim to make sure any question is answered by just the right person.

Lane Personnel Ltd

The independent job agency Lane Personnel Ltd provides a first class service using its highly experienced consultants to find emp-0loyers the perfect candidates to take there business even further. Using the latest teschnology paired with years of recruitment experience the guys at Lane Personnel can take care of all stages of the recruitment process from start to finish leaving you free to contentrate on the business.

Clients and candidates registering with us will find a professional, friendly and enthusiastic service that exceeds expectations. Whether your needs are permanent or temporary we are pleased to help. Due to our growing reputation, we have been able to provide services throughout the UK. Lane Personnel is dedicated to supplying the most effective and efficient service possible and have recently created a unique matching database to help our highly experienced consultants place the right candidate in the right job.

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Dominating email marketing

English: email envelope

English: email envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Internet booming, and more and more companies selling their products online, most businesses understand the importance of Internet marketing. However, many are unsure of how to effectively market their campaigns, and the majority leave money on a table every day by utilizing “strategies” that are riddled with more holes than Swiss cheese.

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most successful, budget-friendly methods for developing customer reliability and generating business – however, if it isn’t done properly, the results are minimal.

These five proven email marketing strategies will help you go from lackluster campaign to total domination:

Time to Know

9991Time To Know sells K-12 educational technology all over the world, and so we have a good idea of how the digital education market is progressing. Fact is, most educational publishers are a bit behind when it comes to learning platforms and digital content. They should get with it, and soon.

Even major players have lost market share to digital alternatives. Digital content is meeting the demands of parents and educators who see educational technology as more than a way to learn the 3 Rs. Learning platforms have been shown to help with life skills such as negotiation, collaboration, and critical thinking.

But there is a good reason why many educational publishers are holding back. Making the shift to digital content can be expensive, while choosing the right educational technology and format can be confusing because industry standards are still changing.

Educational publishers need a compromise – a solution that accommodates their current needs but gives them the flexibility to implement digital content and learning platforms according to demand.

Part of the beauty of Time To Know is that it helps educational publishers move painlessly into digital. T2K supplies both the learning platform and the technology to create content. The T2K “authoring tool” lets publishers generate anything from a simple e-book to enriched video or interactive material. Content can be converted from existing texts or built from scratch as “born digital” material. Lessons can be delivered according to whatever technology is in use, for example, via Internet to the student’s home, or in classrooms using laptops and tablets.

Educational publishers no longer need to leap into digital. They can take little steps instead.

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