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The Development of the corset and its many shapes and forms

Thankfully we don’t have to wear corsets in everyday life any more, if we do decide to wear one it is normally for a romantic occasion or for a hen party. Corsets today tend to fit our bodies and are made of comfortable and kind material using modern support methods. Women rarely pass out wearing corsets today and generally they are worn for pleasure rather than for punishment.

Early Corsets

In medieval times it was extremely important that a woman looked fit and healthy and had the correct figure for child bearing. Therefore the desired figure in the middle Ages was of pert breasts, fashionably curved belly and generous hips. Ladies also developed their own form of corsets made of thick fabric and stiffened with paste; these fastened with lace at the sides and probably didn’t contain a significant amount of whalebone. These proto type corsets probably acted as an early form of figure control rather than figure shaping.

A Brief History of the Bra from the 1890’s to the present day

These days the bra is taken for granted as a piece of lingerie by ladies all over the world. Originally the ladies supported their breasts by bounding them with material restricting the movement of their chests. Now the bra represents much more than underwear and comes in many different shapes and forms. We are used to companies such as Wiesman Lingerie producing the finest bras with the most wonderful material.

Split Corset

The earliest version of a bra was in the 1890’s where the bra originated as a simple split corset, a number of female designers developed the design further and by the 1930’s bras were available for all. As new fabrics developed the bra became increasingly more comfortable and supportive. The brassiere elevated the bust line to be an increasingly prominent erogenous zone.

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