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Who Was Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun

Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stuart Cheese, may be the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours but his partner’s love of Tutankhamun was what got him into the business in the first place. Let us see how much he has picked up from her and see how much can be understood about the young king, Known to the world for his stunning death mask.

Well who Tutankhamun is, is still one of the biggest enigmas of all times. According to an inscription found at the temple of Soleb on a red granite lion, Amenhotep III is supposedly his father. This seems unlikely however, as Akhenaten, Tut’s predecessor reigned for roughly 16 years and Tutankhamun was approximately 9 years old when he became king.

It is believed by some that Amenhotep III is more likely to be his grandfather and that Akhenaten was his father.

This however brings up another question as Nefertiti, Akhenaten’s chief wife, was always depicted in the paintings to be accompanied by daughters and never a son.

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